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£500,000 in Online Enquiries

Founded in 1986 by David Ward, Fenwick Haulage have been in the haulage industry for over 30 years. Now boasting a fleet of over 50 commercial vehicles, the haulage company mostly deliver frozen and ambient foods, while also providing vehicle distribution and storage. After building them a new, Lead Magnet Website, Fenwick Haulage sit proudly on our £50m Wall of Fame, with a staggering £500,000 of new online enquiries generated in the 18 months since the launch of their new website.

David Ward has been delighted with the results;

"It has been approximately 18 months since we launched the new website and can clearly state that the number of enquiries generated from our website has increased substantially. It is my estimation that the value of enquiries is on the region of £500,000 over that period, with a healthy chunk of those enquiries converting into actual business."

It's not just the new website which has generated these enquiries. In those 18 months, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Management have been key, helping to drive traffic towards the website and generate enquiries.

Our SEO services ensure our clients rank highly in relevant Google searches, attracting relevant traffic and potential new customers. Fenwick Haulage rank highly for the majority of their key services, appearing on Page 1 of Google for search terms relevant to their services.

Social Media Management has also played a key role in fuelling business growth. Social media allows your business or brand to engage with the local community. Using targeted backlinks, we sent relevant traffic to the Fenwick Haulage website, where users are encouraged to make contact with the company.

We're incredibly proud of the work we have completed for Fenwick Haulage and the management services we continue to provide.

"I have no hesitation in recommending MultiWebMarketing to any business wanting to fuel their business growth," said David. "Well done guys and thank you keep up the good work".

Posted on 17 January 2019