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Doncaster: You’ve Got Talent

Our strategic partnership with Doncaster University Technical College is helping talented, young marketers to maximise their potential

Proud to be born and based in Doncaster – MultiWebMarketing is committed to supporting the area's local talent.​

We have set up a strong corporate partnership with Doncaster University Technical College (UTC) to ensure the brightest young creative and technical talents get the support they need to enjoy a long and lasting career once they've finished in education.

As part of the collaboration, students can join the MultiWebMarketing team on work experience placements, to learn first-hand how life in technical marketing works, and open up pathways for future employment.

Our Commercial Director Lewis Smith has been one of the driving forces behind the partnership. He said: "We are one of the best agencies in the UK, and we're definitely the biggest in the Doncaster district. Doncaster UTC genuinely has some of the best developers, engineers and marketeers for the next generation, so it was a no-brainer for us to support that.

"We're a modern youthful agency, and we're on trajectory to grow every single year. We've grown 33 per cent in one year and we're going to continue to do that.

"For us to continue to stay in Doncaster and continue to grow at the level that we're achieving, we need the talent to be here, otherwise we would be forced to somewhere like Leeds, Manchester or London. So it's a massive incentive for us to help these kids get through those rough parts of their education, hone in on something, and get an interest in it, and open all the doors."

Two students have already completed successful work placements in the MultiWebMarketing offices.

William Knott was interested in code developing and so spent time with the studio development team, learning to read and write code. Jack Batty took a keen interest in social media looked at how we manage Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook platforms, including content creation, how it's scheduled and how it's analysed afterwards.

Jack said: "I developed my understanding around marketing through live social media campaigns and experienced the management process from start to finish."

William added: "The work experience gave me a good insight into the development process. I also felt integrated into the team and learnt many industry skills."

In addition to these placements, MultiWebMarketing has also been playing other key roles in supporting the college including holding mock interviews with the students, hosting after-hours open days to give advice and learning and having strategic input into the content of the courses.

"The benefit for us is massive – we get a say in how, potentially, some of our next generation of apprentices are going to be educated, and we get to meet them beforehand," added Lewis.

"Young people are genuinely our future and, if we don't invest in them, well we can't expect them to invest in us. Education can be cruel sometimes and you do need an employer to step in and say, 'this is what the real-world looks like and, if you keep pushing in the right ways, these doors are going to open for you'."

Posted on 11 October 2021