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Driving Copier Systems Forward as Their Business Continues to Grow

Copier Systems are a provider of managed print solutions. Based in Barnsley, they have clients throughout the UK. They wanted to expand their business, and asked us to overhaul their existing site to make it more user-friendly and professional.

Our primary focus was to ensure that the theme and integrity of the brand translated to the new site, while also highlighting the services they offer. We incorporated lead-generating features, which included, but weren't limited to:

· Dynamic forms

· Downloadable eBooks

· Contact fields

As Copier Systems are a large UK company, we wanted to ensure that the most popular services they offered were highlighted. This included Covid-products, print management and data. We also incorporated dynamic content forms, as mentioned above. These change on the site, according to the service that is selected. This helps users who access the site to find what they want in just a single click.

Our Remarkable Website Design Team

Our team worked hard on this project ensuring consistency throughout the website. We believe this is key to a great website, and that the user experience should be seamless from the moment they land on the homepage. That's why with Copier Systems, we harnessed the same theme and copy layout throughout, ensuring that any user who accesses the site is gravitated towards contacting the company, or purchasing a service, which was the main goal of Copier Systems.

Ongoing Marketing Services

The client also opted for our Gold All-inclusive Marketing plan as part of their package. The ongoing marketing services provided by our digital marketing team include national SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, monthly blog posts and video advert creation, all of which will back up the long-term success with their new site.

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Posted on 19 March 2021