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Paces Charity

Spreading The Word To Help Change Lives

Our strategic partnership with Paces charity aims to make a genuine difference to those in need

If making a difference is the name of the game for our passionate team at MultiWebMarketing then our latest venture is likely to be a big hit.
Our team of creative, award-winning marketing experts are ready to take their job satisfaction to the next level thanks to our recently signed partnership agreement with the South Yorkshire charity Paces.

The Sheffield-based organisation strives to enhance the lives of children and young adults with Cerebral Palsy and other motor disorders every day with its life-enabling work and community focus. Now that we’re on board, we’ll be providing a full suite of marketing support free of charge to help take their efforts to the next level.

At MultiWebMarketing, motivation is high and the team is fully fired up to produce our very best work which will give the charity greater visibility both locally and nationwide. We’re excited to begin our journey.

As we prepare to kick off work this month for this new project, here are the key things we hope to achieve through our collaboration:

1. Boosting recognition

Our number one objective is to help Paces to achieve its all-important mission: to increase the levels of sponsorships coming in to help them on the road to opening a new school. To ensure we do this, we’ll be launching an all-encompassing marketing strategy which will boost recognition of their great work and ultimately result in encouraging more people to make donations.

2. Raising awareness

It’s tough being a charity. With the cost of living crisis and a crowded marketplace packed with lots of great causes fighting for the public’s hard-earned cash, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Our marketing is going to spread the word for Paces and help to put their work on the map. Over the longer term, we aim to help Paces become an established local charity to ensure they succeed in their goals by building a renowned and trusted reputation. Awareness is king.

3. Lifting community spirit

Pure and simple, Paces is doing some fantastic work helping people who need support and care to live a better, more comfortable lifestyle. This is happening right on our doorstep, and we should feel proud of that. We want to shout about it and make sure as many people as possible in South Yorkshire learn about the good that’s going on to give community spirit a lift.

All good partnerships are a two-way street and we’re not afraid of admitting that. In today’s world, customers want to work with businesses that not only deliver great work but have a moral compass too. At MultiWebMarketing, we know we have this in abundance and by achieving the goals above we can demonstrate this to our own customers.

For more information on Paces, or to get involved visit

Posted on 30 June 2022