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Professional Adverts… On Facebook?

Facebook isn't just for your holiday photos. It's not even just a great tool for business engagement. It's also one of the internet's most powerful advertising platforms.

Having a professionally designed social media page is a great start for any business jumping into social media. Providing a great looking landing page keeps your brand's image professional, and with 70% of the UK population using Facebook, posting regular, engaging content helps keep your fans interested.

Using Facebook for just posts alone, though, can be a real slow burn - it can be difficult to get the ball rolling. Sometimes a steady stream of content isn't enough. And that's where Facebook Advertising comes in.

We combine our professional in-house graphic design and content writing team to design bespoke Facebook Adverts for your business that go directly to your potential customers' News Feed. All of our Facebook Ads are designed within Facebook's advertising guidelines, so your ad will reach the highest number of users possible without being penalised.

We also use specific geographic and demographic targeting to make sure we're only targeting users within your business area who are interested in the services you offer. Facebook's audience targeting tools are some of the most powerful in the world, and we leverage those to create relevant audiences, showing your Ads to the people most likely to engage with your brand.

Facebook is constantly changing, too. What works with Facebook Ads right now could completely change a year from now, or even in a matter of months. At Multi Web Marketing we stay ahead of the curve, keeping up with industry news and adapting strategies as Facebook rolls out changes to its Ad Policies and algorithms.

To reach a wider audience with more engaging content, why not join us in the weird, wonderful world of Facebook Advertising?

Posted on 12 February 2018