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The MultiWeb Wall of Fame

At MultiWebMarketing, we take great pride in the real results achieved for our clients. That's why all client testimonials we receive are proudly placed on our £34-million Wall of Fame! All our reviews sit proudly on the Customer Reviews Wall in our Meeting Room – known in the office as the Wall of Fame.

The Wall of Fame sits front and centre of the Meeting Room, showing just how proud we are of all our customer reviews and results. It's the first thing potential new clients see when they sit down to meet Paul, and really drives home our results-focused attitude.

Seeing the Wall helps potential new clients realise just how driven our team are to generate new work for their business. They want to be on the Wall. We want to get them there.

We're just as excited to add clients to the Wall of Fame. Another review is another job well done, with a happy customer at the end of it. When a new customer review comes through and another new frame is added to the Wall, the whole team knows about it and are all congratulated. After all, client results are always driven by a real team effort!

The £34-million Wall of Fame really encapsulates the work we complete for clients. It makes our results-focused attitude tangible to potential new clients, shows the passion the Multi Web Marketing team put behind every project, and lets our customer reviews and results speak for themselves.

"After all," says Paul, "You are what your clients say you are."

Read some of our real testimonials from the Wall of Fame on our Customer Reviews page.

Posted on 23 April 2018