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Branding and USP's

Multi Web Marketing have helped businesses in Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire develop their brand. Professional business branding should follow a structured process, starting with brand values that either already exists, or that are still to be established. Developing any business branding strategy without considering the existing perceived brand position, also known as identity, may prove to ill fated.

The first stage of business branding should be to identify what your businesses Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) are. If you don’t have any, then why should someone use your company or buy your products? The simple answer is that they won’t. Understand your business model, who your competitors are, who’s market leader and so on. From this initial research, opportunities to target your business will be unveiled, this is the fist stage.

Creating Brand Values

You are what your customers say you are!

It is easy to get lost in architectural branding where you believe your brand or business stand or mean one thing, but your customers think that your brand stands for something else. The reality is, of course, it is your customers that decide what your actual brand values are. If your business is new then careful consideration must be taken to ensure that whatever your target values are, they match a market opportunity (opening), locally, regionally or nationally. If your business already exists then it may be prudent to find out what your current customers think, from this position we will be able to offer a brand alignment strategy or campaign, which may or may not include re-branding.

Does The Name Of Your Company Matter?

Yes and no, no if it is already established, think M&S, Next, Curry’s, Shell, Google etc, none of them are descriptive and if you hadn't already been exposed to them you could not possibly guess what they did. In those situations, a descriptive brand name no longer matters, but it did at the start of their journey. For new companies, where appropriate, it is better to have a descriptive brand name than not. For example, our brand is descriptive and hard not to understand Multi Web Marketing, this was a deliberate choice rather than some trendy marketing buzz name.

Brand Logo Designers

Logo’s can reign supreme over the long term where by the brand logo (symbol) replaces the need for words, EG Nike, Mercedes, BMW, Aston Martin, Adidas as well as hundreds of others. The reality for small or medium businesses is that they are there to support the words, make it more interesting and engaging. Locally of course, your brand logo, over a period of time, may gain relative ‘Nike’ status, but ultimately this will be determined by the overall exposure of your brand across multi channels.

Branding for Small Businesses

Multi Web Marketing offer expert brand identity, development, logo creation and strategy for small to medium businesses, which can encompass digital or traditional marketing planning.

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