A Five-Step Guide for Identifying Drops in Rankings

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, has provided advice on diagnosing ranking declines to Wesley Copeland, owner of a gaming news website. Copeland, who experienced a significant drop in traffic from Google searches, sought help after the advice. Sullivan recommendeds a five-step plan to recover the website’s performance.
  • Use Google Search Console to compare metrics over six months.
  • Sort the Queries report by ‘click change’ to identify decreases.
  • Check if the site ranks highly for relevant terms.
  • If so, the content quality and SEO may be fine.
  • Understand Google’s ranking algorithms evolve continually, causing volatility.
Sullivan’s advice emphasises the importance of SEO professionals regularly analysing performance using tools like Google Search Console to identify potential areas to optimise. High search rankings require aligning with Google’s evolving ranking criteria, and search ranking fluctuations are expected.

Google Plans to Update SEO Starter Guide

Google’s SEO Starter Guide, a crucial resource for search engine optimisation professionals, is set to undergo a significant revision. The guide, which has over 8,000 words of advice, is one of the most visited resources on Google’s Search Central site. The changes aim to simplify the content for modern users, especially those new to building websites. The revised guide will focus more on general SEO concepts than technical details, such as understanding page title tags without manually editing HTML code. The modifications reflect the rise in popularity of content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and website builders like Wix, which automate technical SEO work. The decision to streamline the guide reflects a shift towards a more focused and user-friendly approach, aiming to provide clear, impactful advice without overwhelming readers.

Google’s Advice on Moving to a New Website Without SEO Problems

Moving to a new website is a significant change for businesses. Handling the shift carefully is vital to maintaining your search engine rankings and giving users a continuous experience. On a recent episode of Ask Googlebot, Google Search Advocate John Mueller advised small business owners on navigating the transition from old to new websites. He suggests implementing redirects from the old site to the new one, which helps search engines transfer existing signals to the new domain. Redirects navigate users to the correct website and pass link equity to the new domain. 301 permanent redirects are recommended for moving websites. If not possible, options include updating or removing the old site. After the transition, businesses should use analytics software to check the redirects function correctly, monitor search engine rankings, and inform users about the change through social media and emails.

Google: There Is No “Perfect” Method for Search Ranks

Google has reaffirmed that there is no “perfect page” formula for search rankings, stating that there is no universal ranking formula. The company clarified that no such formula exists, despite claims that specific word counts, page structures, or other optimisations can guarantee high placement. Google also emphasised that third-party SEO tools often advise constructing pages in specific ways to succeed in search, but they can’t predict rankings. Google’s algorithm values commonalities and unique differences; following such advice doesn’t guarantee a top ranking. Google’s key advice is to focus on helpful things for readers rather than relying on a byline to rank higher in Google. For instance, if an author byline fits a page’s purpose for readers, it should be included, but not because it may supposedly boost rankings.

Are Keywords In Domain Names A Ranking Factor?

In a recent Reddit thread, Google Search Advocate John Mueller advised against relying solely on keywords in domain names for long-term SEO strategies, stating that a keyword domain name does not offer a noticeable SEO advantage on Google and can hinder long-term marketing goals. Mueller also warns that domain names focused on a specific keyword can be restrictive for targeting other keywords, making it difficult to diversify website offerings. He emphasises the importance of building a strong, recognisable brand for search and other platforms to connect with customers. Mueller’s insights are valuable for marketing and SEO professionals in 2024, encouraging a shift from relying on keywords to developing a comprehensive, brand-focused online presence.

Google completes November 2023 core update rollout

Google confirmed that on November 28, its fourth core update of the year, the November 2023 update, completed its rollout. The update began on November 2, 2023, following the October 2023 update, which started on October 5 and ended on October 19. The November update caused significant ranking volatility and complaints from SEOs. The impact of the November 2023 reviews update was experienced at different times by sites. Google algorithm updates are crucial for brands, businesses, and organisations as they can impact search results, organic traffic, conversions, and revenue. If a core update negatively impacts a site, Google advises that there are no specific actions to take to recover; a negative rankings impact may not signal anything is wrong with your pages.

Google says major changes coming to search rankings

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, has hinted at major future changes to Google’s search rankings. Sullivan stated that these changes correspond to improvements in the works, and while the prospect of significant changes may seem daunting, it is crucial to approach them cautiously. As the SEO community eagerly awaits further updates from Google, it is essential to remain adaptable and prepared to make necessary adjustments. The core message is that the SEO landscape is constantly evolving, and practitioners must be agile and proactive in responding to these ongoing developments. By staying informed and continually refining their strategies, website owners can position themselves for success in the ever-changing world of search engine rankings. Click the button below for a free review of your website.

ChatGPT Vs Google

The suggestion that ChatGPT is eating away at Google’s search dominance is exaggerated, with ChatGPT accounting for only 2% of Google’s monthly traffic. The claim stems from a Seeking Alpha article referencing a Bank of America report, relying on StatCounter and Similar Web data. Google’s global search market share dipped to 91.53% in October 2023, its lowest in a year. However, StatCounter doesn’t track ChatGPT, emphasising its role as a chatbot rather than a search engine. Google’s search market share has remained relatively stable since August 2015, fluctuating between 91.1% and 93.37%. While generative AI, including ChatGPT, may impact search, current data suggests a minimal effect on Google’s dominance.

Google Court Case

The U.S. Justice Department is accusing Google of using questionable tactics to maintain its position as the leading search engine with a 90% market share. The allegations involve large payments to companies like Apple to secure Google as the default search engine. The 10-week trial includes testimonies from key figures like Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Google defends its dominance, claiming it’s due to superior quality, while opponents argue that default settings discourage users from switching, citing complex steps required to change search engines on Android. With Google dominating the search market, any changes to algorithms or the search engine itself may alter the path for SEO.

Local SEO – The Importance of

According to MOZ, 97% of people find local businesses online, with a further 72% travelling to the business within 5 miles; having an effective local SEO strategy can have a significant impact on your business growth. Parts of a local strategy include NAP accuracy, local website optimisation, customer reviews and much more. Get your business seen within your area, contact us today to find out how we can help.
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