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Electronic Books (eBook) or eBrochures are becoming an increasingly popular way of presenting your business' expertise in your area of business. MultiWebMarketing are exceptional designers of eBooks and have been at the forefront of eBook designs since 2014.

eBooks are a fantastic way of capturing or gathering customer contact details, both email addresses and telephone numbers, by providing an eye catching digital book with a beautifully designed cover that can only be viewed once the user completes a simple form with their contact information.

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Data collected via eBook downloads should then be used to contact each person that has downloaded your eBook to organise a meeting or quote or simply to offer advice, a highly effective method of digital marketing.

You can view our very own eBook by completing the simple form at the bottom of the page, you will then be able to view the eBook in a pdf format, or if you would like to view a live client eBook, please view www.theroofingpeople.co.uk. For a friendly chat on how one of our in house designed professional eBooks could help your business, please use our enquiry button below.

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