WordPress 6.6 Release Candidate 3 Available for Testing

WordPress 6.6 Release Candidate 3 is now available for download and testing. The latest version includes new features, enhancements, and bug fixes aimed at improving the overall user experience and functionality of the platform. This software version is under development and should not be installed or tested on production or mission-critical websites. Testing is crucial to ensuring the best possible experience. The release can be tested using the WordPress Beta Tester plugin, direct download, command line, or the WordPress Playground instance. It includes eight bug fixes for the Editor and 18 tickets for WordPress Core. Contributors can contribute by getting involved in testing, reporting issues to the Alpha/Beta area of the support forums, or joining the #core-test channel on Making WordPress Slack. Additionally, WordPress users should update their products, as their efforts contribute to the open-source community. If a plugin encounters compatibility issues, you should post detailed information to the support forum. The release is expected to be released on July 16, 2024.

WordPress Takes Steps Towards Tackling Plugin Attacks

WordPress has paused plugin updates and initiated a forced password reset to prevent further website compromises due to the ongoing Supply Chain Attack on WordPress plugins. Hackers are attacking plugins directly at the source using password credentials exposed in previous data breaches. WordPress has encouraged plugin authors to use 2-factor authentication and temporarily blocked all new plugin updates at the source unless team approval was received. WordPress has confirmed that plugin releases are no longer paused and that users will receive an email when it is time to reset their password. The forced password reset is due to evidence that some accounts were compromised, and WordPress has not directly contacted plugin authors who were identified as using “recycled” passwords. By partnering with MultiWebMarketing, you can benefit from our expertise in WordPress security and ensure your plugins are updated safely and securely.

Hackers Target WordPress Plugins With Malicious Code

Hackers are targeting WordPress plugins, leading to widespread infections via updates, a phenomenon known as a Supply Chain Attack. Wordfence and WordPress.org have reported that the attackers inject malicious code directly at the plugin’s source, forcing an update that spreads to all sites using the plugin. The infected plugins generate rogue admin accounts and alter websites with SEO spam links. Wordfence has shut down all five plugins and published notifications on each plugin page. The WordPress advisory states that attackers are identifying plugin developers with “committer access,” meaning they can commit code to the plugin and inject their malicious code using credentials from other data breaches. Wordfence recommends that affected sites delete rogue administrator-level user accounts and run a malware scan with the Wordfence plugin to remove the malicious code.

Advantages of Custom Web Design Over Templates

Custom web design offers several advantages over using web design templates. Custom web designs allow businesses to create unique, personalised websites that reflect their brand’s identity and personality. They are easier to update, with developers optimising code and simplifying the website’s structure for faster loading times and improved user experience. Custom designs also provide personalised support and maintenance, with experts who can quickly fix problems and ensure the website stays safe and works well. They also offer better security, as they are uniquely developed and can prevent cyber attacks. Custom websites also provide improved search engine optimisation (SEO), complete control over the creation process and expert guidance from web developers. Lastly, custom websites offer better long-term investment, as they can adapt and grow with the business, enhancing performance and allowing for frequent updates. For businesses without budget and timeline constraints, custom web design is often the best option, as it allows for a unique, flexible, and high-performing website that is well-optimised for search engines.

Bluehost Launches AI WordPress Builder

Bluehost has introduced an AI Website Creator, allowing users to create professional websites quickly and easily. This is an evolution of the click-and-build website builder, which combines the power and freedom of the open-source community with the ease of point-and-click site creation. The WonderSuite system, which includes a user interface, patterns, templates, and a shopping cart, is the heart of the system. The AI website builder uses open-source WordPress components and plugins to create the website, with fonts, professional colour schemes, and plugins installed automatically. Users can save custom-generated options for future use, which is beneficial for agencies that need to scale client website creation. The AI Website Creator represents the future of how businesses get online and how entrepreneurs can streamline site creation and scale their business with WordPress.

From User Testing to Launch: Building a Website for Success

A website overhaul requires careful planning and execution to ensure a visually compelling and easily navigable website that aligns with your company’s long-term strategy. Marketers should ask themselves and their teams these questions about the website’s design and performance using research and findings from user testing. Card sorting helps marketers group elements of the website and structure content in a way that makes sense for the end user. Navigation and taxonomy testing help determine whether users can find what they want on a website. Moderated user testing provides conversational, qualitative data on how end users feel about a website. Unmoderated task-based testing ensures users can easily find information on the website by having them complete various tasks and collecting data to analyse how they accomplished these tasks. Is the site ready to launch? Marketers should use fit and finish testing to clean up any lingering errors and ensure the website is ready to go live. A/B testing gathers data and provides the best version of the website used. Using the appropriate tests allows marketers and designers to diagnose and fix problems and ensure their digital platforms drive business success.

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