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MultiWebMarketing™ provides SEO services (search engine optimisation) for small and medium businesses that are interested throughout the UK. We immerse ourselves in all things Google, which is why we proudly wear our Google Partner badge.

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Professional SEO Services

If you are struggling to get the desired traffic for your website, MultiWebMarketing™ provides professional SEO services that can help. In today’s competitive online landscape, simply having a website isn’t enough.

A comprehensive SEO strategy will help your business to stand out and attract valuable organic traffic. With our assistance, you can increase your online presence and stay ahead of the competition. Our services for SEO can be tailored to any industry, so everything we implement remains relevant to your business.

We take care of on-page SEO, such as locally, regionally and nationally targeted content with keyword/keyphrase research, image optimisation and voice search optimisation, as well as off-page SEO, including link building services, page speed optimisation, mobile optimisation and domain authority building, whilst keeping you informed throughout the process.

Our track record speaks for itself, with hundreds of case studies helping clients with their SEO, increasing traffic and earning them lots of new business enquiries. Speak to a leading SEO agency today by clicking the button below.

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Latest SEO News

Google Translating Search Results Into 8 More Languages

Google has added eight new languages to its translated results feature, allowing publishers to reach a wider global audience. The feature automatically translates the title link and meta description into a user's local language, making a website published in one language available to a searcher in another.

Google does not host the feature, but opening a page through a translated result is similar to opening the original search result through Google Translate or using Chrome in-browser translation. This feature benefits publishers by making their websites available to a larger audience.

The delay in translating results into major languages like Turkish, Arabic, and Korean may be due to market prioritisation, the country's smaller population, and the complexity of the Korean language. Despite the challenges publishers face in 2024, this news creates an opportunity for publisher content to be shown in even more languages than ever and increase traffic globally.

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Search Engine Market Share

Over the years, Google has continued to increase the number of searches made via their search engine; for those old enough to remember, Ask Jeeves and AOL were some of the first search engines before Google’s release in 1998.

Since then, Google has increased its market share to over 90%, with over 95% of mobile searches made via Google’s search engine, so essentially, you must cater your approach specifically to Google.

As Google enjoys the majority of the market share, we focus our SEO strategy around Google’s many algorithms and guidelines, helping businesses throughout the UK to rank above their competitors in a relevant search.

If, like many, you need help figuring out where to start, request a Free SEO Review from our search engine optimisation experts.

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Technical SEO Services

SEO is not just about what’s on the page; it’s also about the user experience and how easy it is for a search engine to crawl. We provide technical SEO services that help improve factors such as page load speed, mobile device compatibility and sitemapping.

As a technical SEO agency, we perform site audits for our clients to identify technical issues and suggest improvements. We know how to improve page speed and ensure your site is mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website is so important, as approximately 58% of searches come from a mobile device, so having a good user experience on mobile is paramount.

A sitemap is also essential, as it helps search engines crawl your site and index all your pages, especially if you have a very large site.

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eCommerce SEO Services

If you have an eCommerce website that needs optimising for Google searches, our eCommerce SEO services can help improve your site’s SERP ranking. An eCommerce website allows people to buy and sell products online, so you need search engine optimisation to maximise your traffic, which in turn will increase sales. Higher ranking in the search results equals more people seeing your products and increased sales over time.

Our SEO team can conduct keyword research into your specific industry and target phrases relevant to the products you want to rank for, helping you gain an edge over your competitors. We have an excellent track record with eCommerce builds for clients, so you can trust us to do a professional job.

Don’t miss out on a portion of the market share. Utilise an SEO services provider like us to help your business thrive.

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How Does SEO Work?

SEO is a set of practices to optimise your website and increase its visibility and ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). These practices should increase the number of website visitors interested in your services or products. It is a long-term strategy, and over time, a website’s targeted search terms appear closer to the top of a relevant Google search.

On-page factors, such as including the relevant words (keywords and phrases) used in a Google search, are essential. However, addressing technical issues that help users navigate a website, mobile-friendliness, and page loading speeds influences a successful SEO campaign.

Is My Website Seo-Friendly?

SEO is an ongoing process, so regularly monitoring your website’s performance is wise. Several scanning tools on the internet, such as Google Search Console, help guide you in the right direction for tips and insights on how your website is performing. Google Analytics provides detailed information on where your traffic comes from and how it performs on your website, which helps find a way forward. Click the button below to speak to a leading UK SEO service company.

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How We Manage and Track SEO

Tracking and reporting on results are crucial in SEO strategy; knowing what works well and where improvements can be made helps maintain a campaign’s progression.

When reviewing an SEO campaign, there are two main metrics to consider: organic website traffic and search engine ranking positions (SERPs). We use Google Analytics to monitor organic website traffic and how users behave throughout the website; the more relevant the website traffic, the more leads or sales.

We use advanced tracking software to see where each one of our customers’ positions in Google for each of their targeted keywords and phrases (see illustration; under 10 are page 1 positions). This information is key to our SEO strategy, so, as already mentioned, if users can’t find you on Google, you’re not visible to your potential customers.

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Interesting SEO Facts

  • Research

    Each SEO campaign begins with understanding your industry and the words people use to find the products or services you provide. The highest-value searches are known as long-tail phrases – longer search terms specific to your business.

  • Speed Optimisation

    40 percent of website visitors leave after 3 seconds, which is why Google favours fast-loading websites. Chrome has a built-in feature that will score your website’s loading speed and let you know where to improve.

  • Google Webmaster

    There are well over 300 Google Webmaster guidelines, and adhering to these will start your website’s campaign off on the right foot. All our websites follow Google’s guidelines, and we may be able to repair your website too.

  • Link Building

    Google uses backlinks as an indication of high-quality websites; the more high-quality backlinks your website has, the more chance you have at placing above your competitors in a relevant search.

  • Website Templates

    Pre-built templates, like Godaddy, IONOS, Wix and Shopify, often don’t perform. However, WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla websites are open-source, which means a skilled developer can improve them.

  • Archived SEO News

    Nearly 60% of Google Searches End Without a Click According to New Study

    A new zero-click search study by Rand Fishkin, CEO and co-founder of SparkToro, has found that nearly 60% of Google searches end without a click in 2024.

    Based on clickstream data from Datos, the study found that almost 30% of clicks go to Google's properties, and about 36% go to the open web. Most Google searches, 58.5% in the U.S. and 59.7% in the EU, result in zero clicks.

    The study also found that for every 1,000 Google searches, 360 clicks in the U.S. go to the open web, while in the EU, that number is 374. The study also found that desktop searches increased slightly while mobile searches fell considerably.

    The data may help understand searchers' evolving behaviour as Google shifts towards becoming an answer engine rather than a search engine. It shows that searchers are looking for instant solutions to their queries.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google Still Faces Challenges With Complex Searches

    Google's Director & Product Manager, Elizabeth Tucker, has highlighted two types of queries that remain challenging in the company's efforts to match users with the information they seek. The top offenders are searches containing the word "not" and queries involving prepositions.

    The BERT paper and transformer-based machine learning models have significantly progressed in understanding these linguistic issues. However, Google's ability to parse complex queries is still a work in progress. Searches with the word "not" can be interpreted in multiple ways, making it difficult for the search engine to match the user's intent with the content on a page.

    Another area where Google's algorithms can stumble is prepositions, which show the relationship between words in a sentence. Long-tail searches comprise a significant portion of all search traffic and are particularly relevant to these queries. While Google is actively improving its handling of these linguistically challenging queries, a complete solution may still be a way off.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Should H1 and Title Tags Be the Same?

    Google's Office Hours podcast discussed the importance of the title and H1 elements in search engine results pages (SERPs). The title tag provides a general but concise description of the web page's content, while the H1 tag is more specific.

    Google uses these elements to create title links displayed in SERPs. Titles must be descriptive, concise, and accurately describe the content. Google's guidelines recommend avoiding boilerplate, which is repeated or templated content across the site, and having distinct text that describes the page's content.

    Additionally, Google advises using the home page as an appropriate location to provide extra information about the site. The content for creating title links includes the main visual title, heading elements, other content, anchor text, text within links, and website structured data. Google chooses the title element as the title link, and if it's not a good match, it may use the first heading as the title link.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google’s AI Overviews: A Targeted Approach with Room for Growth

    Google's AI Overviews (AIO) search feature has been a paradigm shift in recent years, with a significant difference in the amount of AIO displayed across different verticals. Featured Snippets and questions are more likely to trigger AIO, while local search queries and site links are less likely to trigger AIO.

    Verticals most likely to contain AIO are healthcare, B2B technology, and e-commerce. AIO is triggered 20% fewer times than Search Generative Experience (SGE) answers, suggesting that AI is getting more precise in generating helpful experiences.

    Google is improving its ability to anticipate follow-up questions by providing AI search summaries that provide options before users ask. However, negative reviews of Google's AI Overviews have led to trust issues over its accuracy.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google Refines AI Overviews After Bizarre Results

    Google has addressed concerns about the accuracy and quality of its AI overview feature in search results, continuing to claim that it leads to higher user satisfaction and answers more complex queries. The feature is powered by a customised language model integrated with Google's core web ranking systems. It claims that the accuracy rate for AI overviews is on par with featured snippets.

    However, the widespread use of AI overviews has surfaced odd and inaccurate results, which can be attributed to misinterpreting queries, nuances in web content language, and limited high-quality information available on specific topics.

    Google has made over a dozen technical improvements to AI overviews, including better detection mechanisms for nonsensical queries, limiting the inclusion of satire and humour content, updating systems to limit misleading user-generated content, adding triggering restrictions for queries where AI overviews were less helpful, and enhancing quality protections for sensitive topics. These improvements highlight Google's commitment to providing highly accurate search results.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google’s AI Overviews Transforms Ecommerce Searches

    Google's AI overviews are disrupting eCommerce search visibility. 16% of eCommerce queries now return an AI overview in search results, accounting for 13% of the total search volume in this sector. 80% of the sources listed in these AI overviews do not rank organically for the original query.

    International SEO consultant Aleyda Solis analysed the disconnect between traditional organic ranking and inclusion in AI overviews, stating that Google prioritises an "accelerated" approach over summarising currently ranking pages for product-related queries. Solis has shared a spreadsheet that analyses the potential traffic impact of AI overviews, suggesting that Google may expand AI overviews for high-cost queries when enabling ads.

    This change in search visibility could benefit retailers by enabling them to avoid traditional ranking barriers by optimising product data and detail pages for Google's "accelerated" product displays.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google Shares Advice for Dealing with Content Decay

    In an episode of the Search Off The Record podcast, Google has outlined strategies for managing outdated website content rather than deleting it.

    The team recommends taking an intentional, format-specific approach to tackling content decay. They advise against immediately removing obsolete content, such as discontinued products or services, as it could confuse readers. Instead, they suggest providing transitional "explainer" pages during deprecation periods to steer readers towards updated resources.

    Google also recommends updating information to maintain accuracy and relevance for reference guides and overviews while retaining the original content for archival purposes. They also recommend implementing internal auditing processes to keep content current and flagging it for review.

    By following these recommendations, website managers can look forward to improved user experience, maintained trust and credibility, enhanced SEO, and streamlined content management.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google Confirms Links Are Not Crucial as a Ranking Factor

    At a recent search marketing conference, Google's Gary Illyes confirmed that the company needs very few links to rank pages.

    Links were discovered in the late 1990s as a signal for search engines to use to validate website authority. Google later discovered that anchor text could provide semantic signals about a webpage's content. The founders of Google learned how to use the subjective opinions of the Internet as a relevance metric for search results.

    In 2024, Google made links less important, stating that they were not even in the top three ranking factors. In March 2024, Google updated their spam policies documentation to downplay the importance of links for ranking purposes. Google's John Mueller advised that there are more important SEO activities to engage in than links, and Gary Illyes explicitly said that Google needs very few links to rank web pages.

    Google likely only needs a few links because of the extent of AI and natural language understanding used in its algorithms.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google’s John Mueller Advises Against Hyphen-Heavy Domain Names

    Google's John Mueller has addressed a Reddit question about why people don't use hyphens with domains and whether there is something concerning about their absence.

    Mueller explained that domain names with many hyphens are considered less serious, as they could imply that you couldn't get a domain name with fewer hyphens. He suggested choosing a domain name for the long run and not being overly keyword-focused.

    He also advised not to let a domain name limit what you do online and to make something beneficial and exciting that people will ask for by name. Mueller also emphasised the importance of choosing a domain name that won't lock your site into one topic, as it's difficult to expand the range of topics a site covers when growing in popularity.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Expert Shares Advice on How to Become a Better SEO

    At the Yext Summit, 27-year search marketing expert Duane Forrester shared his five steps to become a better SEO and anticipate future trends. He emphasised the importance of continuous learning in the rapidly changing SEO industry, which includes machine learning, neural networks, and AI.

    Forrester advised dedicating at least 60 minutes daily to reading new sources and official blogs and following known experts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Bluesky, and TikTok. He also recommended using official sources for SEO guidance and expanding your sources to ones most people don't use.

    Forrester also highlighted the value of developer resources, recommending companies like Meta, Amazon, Apple, TikTok, and OpenAI as they are developing customer experiences that impact consumer behaviour. He also emphasised the importance of understanding how technology affects customer experience and behaviour and how money follows consumers.

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  • Archived SEO News

    High-Quality Content Gets Crawled More Often

    Google's Search Relations team has debunked misconceptions about crawl budgets and explains how Google prioritises crawling. Google's crawling decisions are dynamic and driven by content quality and search demand. The scheduler decides how much to crawl based on search query demand, which is influenced by user trends. To increase crawling, websites must convince search that their content is worth fetching.

    Focus on site quality to ensure efficient crawling and indexing. Google's scheduling is dynamic, and when signals from search indexing show an increase in content quality across multiple URLs, the scheduler turns up the demand. Consistently improving page quality and the usefulness of content to searchers can overcome assumed limitations on crawling.

    To improve site performance, analyse performance, identify areas for improvement, and focus on delivering the best possible experience to the target audience, Google's recent insights clarify that a fixed "crawl budget" is essentially a myth. By prioritising quality, relevance, and user experience, site owners can ensure their valuable pages are discovered, crawled, and indexed by Google without worrying about hitting an arbitrary limit.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google’s Bias to Popular Brands with Low-Quality Content

    Google's search engine results pages (SERPs) have historically shown a bias favouring big brands with low-quality content. This bias has been present in the past, with sites with high PageRanks ranking for virtually anything they wanted.

    Google's algorithm has also shown other biases in the past, such as Top 10 posts, longtail articles, misspellings, and free widgets. Despite small sites growing to become big brands, they still dominate the SERPs.

    The recent Google anti-trust lawsuit exposed the importance of the Navboost algorithm signals as a significant ranking factor. Navboost is an algorithm that interprets user engagement signals to understand what topics a webpage is relevant for.

    Strong user preferences can carry a more substantial weight than Reviews System signals, a patch to fix Google’s bias for content about reviews and why big brands and poor quality content still rank. Whether Google continues ranking user satisfaction signals based on users' biases and inexperience or if publishers should concentrate on making content for the broadest audience.

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  • Archived SEO News

    A Five-Step Guide for Identifying Drops in Rankings

    Google's Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, has provided advice on diagnosing ranking declines to Wesley Copeland, owner of a gaming news website. Copeland, who experienced a significant drop in traffic from Google searches, sought help after the advice.

    Sullivan recommendeds a five-step plan to recover the website's performance.

    • Use Google Search Console to compare metrics over six months.
    • Sort the Queries report by 'click change' to identify decreases.
    • Check if the site ranks highly for relevant terms.
    • If so, the content quality and SEO may be fine.
    • Understand Google's ranking algorithms evolve continually, causing volatility.

    Sullivan's advice emphasises the importance of SEO professionals regularly analysing performance using tools like Google Search Console to identify potential areas to optimise. High search rankings require aligning with Google's evolving ranking criteria, and search ranking fluctuations are expected.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google Plans to Update SEO Starter Guide

    Google's SEO Starter Guide, a crucial resource for search engine optimisation professionals, is set to undergo a significant revision. The guide, which has over 8,000 words of advice, is one of the most visited resources on Google's Search Central site.

    The changes aim to simplify the content for modern users, especially those new to building websites. The revised guide will focus more on general SEO concepts than technical details, such as understanding page title tags without manually editing HTML code.

    The modifications reflect the rise in popularity of content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and website builders like Wix, which automate technical SEO work. The decision to streamline the guide reflects a shift towards a more focused and user-friendly approach, aiming to provide clear, impactful advice without overwhelming readers.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google: There Is No “Perfect” Method for Search Ranks

    Google has reaffirmed that there is no "perfect page" formula for search rankings, stating that there is no universal ranking formula. The company clarified that no such formula exists, despite claims that specific word counts, page structures, or other optimisations can guarantee high placement.

    Google also emphasised that third-party SEO tools often advise constructing pages in specific ways to succeed in search, but they can't predict rankings. Google's algorithm values commonalities and unique differences; following such advice doesn't guarantee a top ranking.

    Google's key advice is to focus on helpful things for readers rather than relying on a byline to rank higher in Google. For instance, if an author byline fits a page's purpose for readers, it should be included, but not because it may supposedly boost rankings.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google’s Advice on Moving to a New Website Without SEO Problems

    Moving to a new website is a significant change for businesses. Handling the shift carefully is vital to maintaining your search engine rankings and giving users a continuous experience.

    On a recent episode of Ask Googlebot, Google Search Advocate John Mueller advised small business owners on navigating the transition from old to new websites. He suggests implementing redirects from the old site to the new one, which helps search engines transfer existing signals to the new domain.

    Redirects navigate users to the correct website and pass link equity to the new domain. 301 permanent redirects are recommended for moving websites. If not possible, options include updating or removing the old site.

    After the transition, businesses should use analytics software to check the redirects function correctly, monitor search engine rankings, and inform users about the change through social media and emails.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Are Keywords In Domain Names A Ranking Factor?

    In a recent Reddit thread, Google Search Advocate John Mueller advised against relying solely on keywords in domain names for long-term SEO strategies, stating that a keyword domain name does not offer a noticeable SEO advantage on Google and can hinder long-term marketing goals.

    Mueller also warns that domain names focused on a specific keyword can be restrictive for targeting other keywords, making it difficult to diversify website offerings. He emphasises the importance of building a strong, recognisable brand for search and other platforms to connect with customers.

    Mueller's insights are valuable for marketing and SEO professionals in 2024, encouraging a shift from relying on keywords to developing a comprehensive, brand-focused online presence.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google completes November 2023 core update rollout

    Google confirmed that on November 28, its fourth core update of the year, the November 2023 update, completed its rollout. The update began on November 2, 2023, following the October 2023 update, which started on October 5 and ended on October 19.

    The November update caused significant ranking volatility and complaints from SEOs. The impact of the November 2023 reviews update was experienced at different times by sites.

    Google algorithm updates are crucial for brands, businesses, and organisations as they can impact search results, organic traffic, conversions, and revenue. If a core update negatively impacts a site, Google advises that there are no specific actions to take to recover; a negative rankings impact may not signal anything is wrong with your pages.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google says major changes coming to search rankings

    Google's Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, has hinted at major future changes to Google's search rankings. Sullivan stated that these changes correspond to improvements in the works, and while the prospect of significant changes may seem daunting, it is crucial to approach them cautiously.

    As the SEO community eagerly awaits further updates from Google, it is essential to remain adaptable and prepared to make necessary adjustments. The core message is that the SEO landscape is constantly evolving, and practitioners must be agile and proactive in responding to these ongoing developments.

    By staying informed and continually refining their strategies, website owners can position themselves for success in the ever-changing world of search engine rankings. Click the button below for a free review of your website.

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  • Archived SEO News

    ChatGPT Vs Google

    The suggestion that ChatGPT is eating away at Google's search dominance is exaggerated, with ChatGPT accounting for only 2% of Google's monthly traffic.

    The claim stems from a Seeking Alpha article referencing a Bank of America report, relying on StatCounter and Similar Web data. Google's global search market share dipped to 91.53% in October 2023, its lowest in a year. However, StatCounter doesn't track ChatGPT, emphasising its role as a chatbot rather than a search engine. Google's search market share has remained relatively stable since August 2015, fluctuating between 91.1% and 93.37%. While generative AI, including ChatGPT, may impact search, current data suggests a minimal effect on Google's dominance.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google Court Case

    The U.S. Justice Department is accusing Google of using questionable tactics to maintain its position as the leading search engine with a 90% market share.

    The allegations involve large payments to companies like Apple to secure Google as the default search engine. The 10-week trial includes testimonies from key figures like Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Google defends its dominance, claiming it's due to superior quality, while opponents argue that default settings discourage users from switching, citing complex steps required to change search engines on Android.

    With Google dominating the search market, any changes to algorithms or the search engine itself may alter the path for SEO.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Local SEO – The Importance of

    According to MOZ, 97% of people find local businesses online, with a further 72% travelling to the business within 5 miles; having an effective local SEO strategy can have a significant impact on your business growth.

    Parts of a local strategy include NAP accuracy, local website optimisation, customer reviews and much more.

    Get your business seen within your area, contact us today to find out how we can help.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Completed Algorithm Rollout

    Google has finished rolling out an algorithm update to prioritise high-quality, user-centric content over SEO-driven material. This update aims to combat webpages designed solely for search engine rankings. Google intends to elevate websites offering valuable, authentic content for human users.

    The goal is to reduce low-quality content in search results and improve user experience. If you believe your site has been affected, Google suggests self-assessing your content based on the E-E-A-T principle. Recovery may take several months if you align with the update and make necessary content adjustments gradually, if you would like help with your SEO, contact us today.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Algorithm Update – Helpful Content

    Google has begun rolling out another algorithm update, focusing on website content, and is said to take a couple of weeks to roll out.

    The Helpful Content update is the first of its kind since December 2022. It specifically targets content that appears to have been written for the search engines rather than the user and promotes quality content that clearly shows expertise in the relevant topic/service.

    Is your website content over-optimised? Speak to one of our experts to see how we can help.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Citation links added to Search Generative Experience

    Google Search Generative Experience (SGE), which uses artificial intelligence to generate more comprehensive and informative search results, has officially rolled out links to web pages within answers, starting in the US.

    Users can now click on links within the SGE summary to view the full web pages from which the information is sourced. This is a significant improvement over the previous version of SGE, which only provided a summary of the information without any links. The new version of SGE is still in the experimental phase, but it can potentially revolutionise how people search for information online.

    An interesting step forward for the use of AI.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google Core Algorithm Update: August 2023

    The second broad core algorithm update of 2023 has started rolling out this week, and Google anticipates taking two weeks to complete the rollout.
    Broad core updates are not specific towards any metrics. However, Google claims that if you are negatively affected by the update, your focus should be on the core principles of website optimisation, revisiting the EEAT principles for your website content.

    Speak to one of our experts today to see how we can help if your website traffic has dropped due to the recent algorithm update.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Targeting competitive organic keywords

    Highly competitive keywords are popular and have a lot of search volume, but they also have a lot of competition from other websites. Targeting these keywords can be difficult, but it is possible with a strategic approach.

    The first step is to analyse your competitors and see how they rank for these keywords. You can then identify opportunities to outrank them by creating better content, building backlinks, and optimising your website for the keywords. Another well-used strategy would be to focus on related long-tail keywords, phrases that focus on the later stages of a user's 'buying' journey. Finally, you need to be patient and persistent. It takes time to rank for highly competitive keywords, but it is possible with the right approach.

    Get in touch to find out how we can help increase your website traffic.

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  • Archived SEO News

    New Google Chrome Search Features

    Google Chrome has added new search-related features to the mobile version of the browser. These features include showing more search suggestions (from 6 to 10), trending searches directly in the address bar, and a "Related to this page" section in the address bar.

    Search suggestions are based on your recent searches, browsing history, and popular search terms. The trending searches feature shows trending searches directly in the address bar. This feature is currently only available on Android, but it will be coming to iOS later this year.

    The "Related to this page" section shows search suggestions related to the webpage content you're currently viewing.

    Is your website optimised for Google? Speak to one of our experts to see how we can help progress your SEO.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google Bard Update

    The AI chatbot, Google Bard, has been updated with new features, languages, and countries. The update includes pinning and renaming conversations, adding images to prompts, customising responses, and using Google Lens to extract information from images. Bard is now available in 40 languages and over 180 countries and territories. The update makes Bard more helpful, versatile, and accessible to users worldwide.

    As the AI chatbot battle progresses, more and more features will affect how people search for products and services. Is your website ready for the AI age?

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  • Archived SEO News

    Auto Generated Content and SEO

    The rise of content-generating large language models (LLMs) and AI-generated content has highlighted the need for authority management in the field of SEO. This new discipline focuses on identifying trustworthy sources and filtering out incorrect information. E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) has become a crucial factor in Google search rankings, as it helps determine the credibility of authors and websites. E-E-A-T also influences the display of results in Google Discover and Google News, the helpful content system, snippet elements, and indexing.

    Developing a strong online reputation and credibility is essential for rankings and visibility in search engines. Talk to us to see how we can help build your online presence.

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  • Archived SEO News

    The new generation of Google Analytics

    Google Analytics Universal, the widely used web analytics platform, is being succeeded by Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and will stop recording data in July. GA4 brings a paradigm shift in data analysis, providing enhanced tracking capabilities and deeper insights into user behaviour across various devices and platforms.

    This next-generation analytics tool focuses on customer-centric measurement, empowering businesses to understand the entire user journey and optimise their marketing strategies accordingly. With advanced machine learning algorithms and cross-device tracking, GA4 offers a more holistic and comprehensive view of user interactions, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions to improve engagement, conversions, and overall digital performance. Need help setting GA4 up, speak to one of our experts today.

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  • Archived SEO News

    The Link between Social Media and SEO

    Engaging social media posts that generate likes, shares, and comments increases brand awareness, drives traffic to the website, and enhances the chances of obtaining valuable backlinks.

    Integrating social media into an SEO strategy is key to maximising online presence, reaching target audiences, and supporting organic search performance by creating positive user signals through interaction with your website.

    Speak to us today about our SEO services and other digital marketing plans.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Mobile-First Indexing Is Complete

    Google has completed its transition to mobile-first indexing after over six and a half years of efforts. John Mueller from Google confirmed that the last batch of eligible sites has been moved over, with only a few exceptions for sites that don't function well on mobile.

    Some webmasters noticed notifications informing them of the switch from desktop-first to mobile-first indexing. While new sites default to mobile-first indexing, older sites that were not moved may never transition over. If your website is not optimised for mobile use, speak to us to see how we can help.

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  • Archived SEO News

    SEO Link Earning

    SEO link earning, also known as link building, is the process of acquiring high-quality, relevant links from other websites to your own. Earning links from authoritative and reputable websites will help to improve your website's search engine rankings and drive targeted traffic to your site.

    To earn links, you need to create valuable content that others find useful, informative, and worth linking to. This can include blog posts, infographics, videos, research papers, and other types of content that provide value to your target audience.

    Focus on the E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) principle when creating content, improving your chances of earning a backlink.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google’s Page Title Mistake

    After receiving feedback from users, Google has released a fix to address inappropriate or inaccurate site names in its search results. This was prompted by a web form posted by Google asking for feedback about inaccurate or inappropriate site names earlier this week. While the change has resolved issues for some sites, others have not been resolved.

    Google has recommended using structured data on the home page to communicate the site name to the search engine. Additionally, Google has updated its favicon guidelines and made site names and ad labels more prominent in search results. If you need help in structuring your website, get in touch.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google and Conversational AI

    Google's ambitious plan to integrate conversational AI into its search engine promises to transform how users interact with search results.

    Leveraging the power of natural language processing and machine learning, Google aims to enable users to have interactive conversations with the search engine, allowing for more fluid and intuitive search experiences.

    This advancement has the potential to provide personalised, real-time responses to user queries, offer contextual suggestions, and even engage in multi-turn conversations, making Google's search engine more conversational, user-friendly, and efficient in delivering accurate and relevant information, which in turn will likely effect the way websites are optimised to rank in a Google search.

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  • Archived SEO News

    SEO and Website Hosting

    To be viewed online, all websites need to be hosted; high-quality website hosting won't guarantee your website will rank well, but it's a must-have for a strong SEO foundation.

    When considering a server host, there are three main factors: security, speed and location.

    Nobody wants their website compromised by a virus or a hack, so security is key, and if your website doesn't load quickly, you will lose customers and more than likely be penalised by Google. Server location will not only indicate where you are based as a business to Google, which will help with location-based searches, but a local server location will play a part in how far the website data has to travel to reach the user's device.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Google Core Algorithm Update

    On the 12th of September, Google began the rollout of another core algorithm update, the second major update this year.

    Reports from industry-leading tracking software, Semrush and RankRanger, support that this update has had less impact than May's core update. However, many websites have experienced a sudden decline in traffic.

    Google's core algorithm updates cover a broad range of metrics, which Google never officially release. Have you been penalised by the latest update? Get your free SEO review by clicking on the button below, and we can help get your website back on track.

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  • Archived SEO News

    Helpful Content Update

    Google's latest algorithm update targets website content, specifically, whether the content has been primarily written to rank well in a relevant search, known as search engine first content.

    Over the years, Google has released update after update with the aim to list the most relevant and helpful websites related to your query. The latest update penalises websites that are not helpful to the user but have been designed to rank well.

    The update, released on 25th August, will take 1-2 weeks to roll out fully. If you think you may have been penalised by Google's latest update, get in touch, and we will help to get your website back on track.

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