Updated June 11th 2018

ST1 All websites remain the property of Multi Web Services .co.uk Ltd (MWS) TA MultiWebMarketing (MWM) until such time they are 100% paid for, and ongoing there are no monthly maintenance arrears, in which instance website ownership and control will revert to MWS TA MWM. ST1.1 All websites unless determined in our quote will be built on Linux based servers. ST1.3 MWS TA MWM cannot be held responsible for any software interfacing issues, admin, sales, database etc. ST1.4 All deposits are non-refundable unless the order is cancelled the same day. ST1.5 The responsibility of manufacturers, competitors, suppliers, public complaints remain the responsibility of each client, MWS will endeavour to put right, if possible and economical, the website issue any complaint(s) within the terms of the monthly management maintenance plans or at £65.00 per hour. ST1.6 Any complaints/claims/damages etc regarding photography sourced free from search engines etc. remains the legal responsibility of each client. ST1.7 In the event of any website downtime, crash, re-direct, hacks, viruses, bugs, data/logic bombs, server failure, etc., MWS TA MWM will reinstate your website, if possible, at the team cost of £145.00 PH, your monthly management DOES NOT offer any cover for hack/virus etc for the aforementioned eventuality. In addition to ST1.7a MWS TA MWM cannot be held responsible for any lost sales or enquiries, perceived brand damage, website downtime etc. howsoever caused. ST1.8 in the eventuality of ANY website downtime, howsoever caused, MWS TA MWM will endeavor to reinstate your website ASAP Mon thru Friday, however in certain instances, (Database penetrated virus etc) it may be more economical to create a new website. ST1.9 MWS TA MWM reserve the permanent right to use your website for the purpose of marketing on their website, brochures, banners and social media posts. ST2.0 Each website will carry the MWM link and logo at the base of their website, these cannot be removed under any circumstances unless written/email permission is given from a MWS director. ST2.1Clients or wishing to terminate their website orders for any reason will be liable for payments as follows: -


  • Deposit = No Refund unless order cancelled the same day.
  • Week 1 = 15% payment of total remaining balance after the deposit of the quote/invoice value.
    (1 week is 7 days, Monday thru Sunday after deposit and each 7 days thereafter constitutes another week)
  • Week 2 = 40% of total remaining balance after the deposit of the quote/invoice value.
  • Week 3 = 60% of total remaining balance after the deposit of the quote/invoice value.
  • Week 4 = 80% of total remaining balance after the deposit of the quote/invoice value.
  • Week 5 = 100% of total remaining balance after the deposit of the quote/invoice value.

The above is a pro-rata illustration meaning a 5 day project, rather than 5 weeks, would have the same calculation apply, but each day, rather than week, would represent a component payment part. The same comment applies to 10 week projects where the calculation would be extended on a pro-rata basis.

ST2.2 MWS are a B2B VAT registered company, all prices listed are excluding VAT which will be added at the appropriate and legal current value. ST2.3 Each website creative must be signed off by the client, at that stage the responsibility for any design similarities or perceived copy, will become the legal responsibility of each client. ST2.31 Once you have creatively signed off your website, we will proceed to complete the project, creative changes thereafter will be chargeable at £65.00PH. ST2.4 Failure to hand over content in the agreed time period may determine that MWS cancel your order, in such instances the cancellation detailed in FIG 1 above will apply. ST2.4 Websites rely on content, which is, unless otherwise stated, the responsibility of each client to supply as requested by email or agreed within the order terms, late content or general client information automatically adds to the overall project timeline, by the number of days late. 2.5 MWS TA MWM reserve the right not to use poor client content or photography (grainy, amateurish etc.) as it may damage the overall impression and performance of the website as well as the perceived quality of the website and subsequently our work. ST2.6 Our monthly management services are designed to help promote your website within the various search engines as well as help create social media engagement and community. ST2.7 We offer no guarantees or timelines for improved Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs) for your website or individual pages within your website. ST2.7.1Termination of any of our retained services for Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Management, AdWords Campaign Management, Website Hosting, Website Technical Support, requires a notice of 60 days. 2.7.2 Termination notices must be made in writing or confirmed received email, which will count as the start date of your 60 day notice period. ST 2.8 MWS reserve the right to post articles on each client’s behalf unless specifically instructed, in writing or recorded delivered and read email, not to. ST2.9 MWS TA MWM will cross fertilise as they see appropriate your social sites/community/posts etc. with other clients. ST3.0 Once authorised, via our management plans, MWS TA MWM cannot be held responsible for any perceived or actual brand damage that may arise as a result of a Social Media post/share/tweet etc. ST3.1 MWS reserve the right to switch off a client website should any financial arrears occur, a minimum of 48 hours notice will be given to a client if MWS are considering this option. Website server transfers are permitted and MWS offer no guarantees of website functionality on your new hosted server, post transfer. There will be a charge of not less than £99.00, none eCommerce websites, and £249.00 for eCommerce websites to transfer your websites, the stated fees are from prices and will be determined by the website size which determines how much it takes to transfer. ST3.2 MWS bear absolutely no responsibility for the performance, sales, inquiries, website metrics, brand enhancement/damage, social media platforms, third party sales platforms, of any website or associated third party platforms/links (eBay, Facebook etc.) they have produced unless previously agreed in writing or proved delivered and read email. ST3.3 Rejected creative work, each client has the option to 100% reject our (your) creative website presentation, on such occasions you will be asked to provide a website creative in either graphical format, or by highlighting another website that you wish us to closely emulate, if possible and within the original quotation specification. If this further work is then rejected you will be asked to detail, via email, your dissatisfaction and where you consider the differences to be your creative requirement/direction/graphical image/website to emulate, versus that of what we have presented. If we consider your interpretation to be unreasonable we reserve the right to offer one final change to your creative direction (this is not a new creative), if this is then rejected, all further amends will be charged at £65.00 per hour, and quoted in advance of the work taking place. If ultimately you reject all our work, then after 3 attempts we reserve the right to consider this as TERMINATION of our agreement and the cancellation payment terms WILL apply. ST3.31 Our extended services include SEO, Email Marketing, AdWords, our efforts are guided and fully intended to comply with any current, known to us, UK Legislation. If for any reason our client services breach or do not adhere to current UK or EU Legislation, including GDPR, our liability will be limited to halting/removing any visible infringements/breaches etc, there will be no reimbursement of fees or compensation of any form. Any fines arising/prosecutions will remain the responsibility of each client.

ST3.4 MWS is a UK company and governed by UK statute, any legal claims will be heard in Doncaster. Each client agrees that any claim arising that is not covered by this contract will be heard in the Doncaster small claims court. Breach of or none disclosure clause on page 1 will trigger a £350.00 invoice, for the production, circulation, sharing of this strategy/quotation.

Breach of or none disclosure clause on page 1 will trigger a £350.00 invoice, for the production, circulation, sharing of this strategy/quotation.

Our All Inclusive Marketing, Social Media, Advertising, Google Ads, eMail Marketing plans, are all subject to:-

  1. Set up fees will be detailed on the relevant page.
  2. Minimum terms, are detailed on the relevant page.
  3. Notice periods, unless otherwise stated or agreed in either email or via our proposal, is 30 days from acknowledged email or written notification.
  4. Results, whilst we are confident in our abilities, it is not possible to guarantee anything past quality enquiries or sales over a period of time. We accept no legal responsibility or offer any level of compensation for poor or overwhelming campaign results, sales, enquires and ultimately business growth or reduction.
  5. Brand, we accept no responsibility for any actual or perceived brand damage that may occur as a direct result of a communication/post or advert etc.
  6. Communication style, where a client has detailed a specific communication (Post, Blog, Tweet etc) style, we will stay inside these parameters unless we are creating tactical comms for the purpose of Back Link building.
  7. Video productions will either be 100% original production, purchased & licensed footage, or smoothed photography. Editing, transitions, content, and call to actions are all original and produced in-house.
  8. Ad Spend, all except Google Ads, will be spread over the year, equally spread over 52 weeks.
  9. Google Ads, ‘Click Budgets’ are NOT included in our fees. We will recommend a click budget and once agreed, we will need your credit card to submit to Google for direct payment. It is important that there is always sufficient 'credit card headroom’. If not Google may close your ad account.
  10. All advertising platforms operate very strict rules on what can be said and shown. These rules are evolving daily, and it is entirely possible that your ads could be suspended without notice. In this instance we use our best endeavours, relationship and ability to make the necessary changes and reinstate your adverts. There is no compensation available from any of the advertisers if your business has been affected by their advert suspension/block or removal. Equally we accept no responsibility for any loss of leads/enquiries or sales as a result of advert block, suspension or removal or account closure etc.
  11. Payments are always one calendar month advance of the service, slow or late payment will halt the service unless otherwise agree in written/email communication.
  12. Payments are via bank transfer in UK sterling.
  13. VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate for all UK business’.

Our claim of being the best or one of the best marketing agencies in the UK, is supported by numerous awards and trophies ‘Best UK Marketing Agency’.

Received/Sent Email

Emails and any information contained within or attached in a separate file is confidential and intended solely for the Individual to whom it is addressed. The information or data included is solely for the purpose indicated or previously agreed. Any data included with an email remains the property of Multi-Web-Services.co.uk Ltd and the recipient will refrain from utilising the information for any purpose other than that indicated and upon request will destroy the information and remove it from their records. Any views or opinions presented are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Multi-Web-Services.co.uk Ltd. If you are not the intended recipient, be advised that you have received an email in error and that any use, dissemination, forwarding, printing, or copying of said email is strictly prohibited. No warranties or assurances are made in relation to the safety and content of any emails received/sent and any potential malware attachments. No liability is accepted for any consequences arising from it.