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Manufacturing Web Design

PB Site Fabrication are specialist steel manufacturers, manufacturing and installing a range of steel products throughout Yorkshire, specialising in the catering and food processing industries. The company had an existing website that was beginning to look outdated. They came to MultiWebMarketing for our professional Web Design and digital marketing services, wanting a new, more modern website to promote their services online.

We designed a new Lead Magnet Website for the company, with each page targeted towards a service PV Site Fabrication offer. This provides SEO benefits, helping the website perform well within search engines like Google. Allowing the website to rank in Google for the different services they offer drives organic traffic to the relevant pages of a website over a period of time.

Each Lead Magnet Web Page is designed to generate new leads, enquiries and sales directly from the website. Interactive elements, such as bespoke contact forms and “tap to call” phone numbers, are used across every page to encourage users to contact PB Site Fabrication, leading to increased leads, enquiries and sales, directly from the website.

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Keyword Research

01. Research

Research is essential to the success of all our Web Design projects and marketing strategies. Industry, competitor and keyword research all influence the design of our websites and our marketing strategy.

Keyword Research

02. Design

We redesigned PB Site Fabrication’s logo and branding, in line with their existing brand values. We then used this design to ensure the new website was designed in line with their branding.

Targeted Content

03. Website

Built from the ground up as a Lead Magnet Website, the PB Site Fabrication website was designed to generate more leads, enquiries and sales, to drive subsequent business growth.

Google Websites

04. Marketing

Ongoing Social Media Management services have helped to build an audience of relevant industry contacts and new potential customers, while strategic backlinks drive traffic back to the website.

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Social Media Management

We also provided professional Social Media Management services for PB Site Fabrication. Our social media launch plan was designed to promote the launch of the new website, and the services the company offer. Thereafter, we developed a bespoke social media strategy, designed to build an audience of relevant industry contacts and potential new customers.

Our team create engaging, eye-catching content and graphically designed posts, all designed to create engagement through likes, retweets and follows, helping to build this audience. Strategic backlinks from the social media page help generate traffic to the website. Since the website launch, social media has generated a significant portion of the website’s traffic.

Mobile Reponsive Design

Mobile responsive web design has never been more important, with the majority of website traffic now being generated from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. That’s why we’ve adopted a mobile first approach to our web design, ensuring all features work flawlessly whether the website is viewed on a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone.

Text and images also automatically adapt, resizing based on the device they are viewed on. This improves the user experience, ensuring the website looks great across all devices, and also has SEO benefits. Search engines, like Google, rank faster loading and mobile friendly websites higher than competitors for similar searches.

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