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Based in Yorkshire, HG Graphics provide a wide variety of vinyl wrapping services – from vehicle wraps to architectural wraps and traditional signage solutions. They wanted to use our SEO Services to improve their search engine rankings, increase website traffic, and generate more online enquiries. We proposed a complete redesign of their existing website to make it more interactive, on top of our Search Engine Optimisation services. Less than 12 months later, the website has now generated over £925,000 of online enquiries – and counting!

The new website was designed to have an improved user flow, encouraging interaction and contact through a variety of interactive features. We included tap to call phone numbers at the top of each page, making it easy for users to call HG Graphics directly with enquiries. “Free Quote” buttons are built into the design, providing easy, non-intrusive points of contact for website users and potential customers.

All the company’s targeted services are now ranking within the premium Google pages, where the majority of website traffic is generated. Combining expert Search Engine Optimisation with a professionally designed Lead Magnet Website has produced some excellent results for HG Graphics in less than a year.

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Keyword Research

01. Research

Keyword and competitor research was essential to our Search Engine Optimisation and website design process, allowing us to target each page appropriately to generate relevant website traffic.

Keyword Research

02. Design

We redesigned HG Graphics’ existing website with an array of interactive features, all designed to encourage interaction and contact from users, increasing leads, enquiries and sales.

Targeted Content

03. Website

The new Lead Magnet Website is designed to improve the user flow compared to the old website. Tap to call phone numbers, Free Quote buttons and contact buttons encourage users to make contact.

Google Websites

04. SEO

There’s no sense in having a great website without traffic. From our SEO services, HG Graphics now rank on the premium pages of Google for their key services, where the majority of traffic is generated.

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Mobile Reponsive Design

The majority of internet traffic is now generated from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile responsive web design has become increasingly important over the years, which is why we employ a mobile-first approach to our website designs, ensuring that all features from the desktop version of the website work flawlessly across a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

All images on the website automatically resize depending on the device they are viewed on. This improves the design of the website from a user’s perspective, with images displaying exactly as they should, regardless of the device they are viewed on. Automatically resizing the images also helps with Search Engine Optimisation, as it helps to improve page load speeds – websites that are optimised for mobile devices with faster load speeds are more likely to appear in the premium pages of Google.

The navigation menu changes across the whole site for both tablets and smartphones. The thumb-friendly design of the mobile navigation menus improves the user experience and allows them to navigate the website with ease. Other thumb-friendly features include large Contact and Free Quote buttons, with forms which are quick and easy to fill out on a mobile device. Tap to call phone numbers are exactly what they sound like – they allow a mobile user to call HG Graphics directly from their smartphone by just tapping the phone number.

Optimising the user experience for a mobile device has improved SEO performance and increased the number of online enquiries HG Graphics have received, with the majority of their website traffic coming from mobile devices. Click here for more information on our SEO Services and claim your Free SEO Review.

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