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Black 90, based between Pontefract, Selby and Doncaster, provide specialist repairs, servicing, parts and other maintenance work for Land Rover vehicles. Previously known as RD Land Rover Specialists, the company wanted a full rebrand and digital marketing solution, and came to MultiWebMarketing for our Small Business Marketing solutions.

The project began with primary research into Black 90, including all the company’s services and local competition. As an expert in anything and everything Land Rover, their services were very niche, so extra care was put into the research to ensure the website was targeted correctly, encouraging relevant traffic to click through from relevant Google searches.

The website design carried through aspects from the company’s new logo, with elements ensuring it stayed relevant to the Land Rover brand. This included everything from the colour scheme and font choice, to the use of tyre tracks and images of Land Rovers across all terrain.

Every page on the new website was designed as a Lead Magnet page, encouraging users to call or contact Black 90. “Book Now” buttons, touch-to-call phone numbers and voucher codes were used throughout the whole website to encourage contact and enquiries.

Graphic Design Services

Previously known as RD Land Rover Specialists, the company underwent a full rebrand to become Black 90. We provided a range of Graphic Design Services, starting with a logo design. The new logo was designed to highlight Black 90’s focus on Land Rover services, referencing the classic Land Rover green. The tyre track behind the logo and the picture of the vehicle in the logo added character, and further reinforced the Land Rover association.

We also provided complete design and print services, including van signage design and uniform design including a polo, fleece, overalls, cap, and beanie hat. Our leaflet and business card design gave Black 90 valuable physical marketing tools and assets.

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Keyword Research

01. Research

Research played a huge role in Black 90’s website design. Our extensive research fuelled the website’s creative design, targets and content, ensuring the brand is picked up in relevant Google searches.

Keyword Research

02. Design

The design process was inspired by Land Rover, referencing the classic green colour associated with the vehicles. Tyre tracks and off road imagery helped define the brand’s identity as Land Rover specialists.

Targeted Content

03. Website

Every page on the new website is designed as a Lead Magnet Page. “Book Now” buttons, vouchers, and tap-to-call phone numbers encourage interaction, enquiries and potential new customers from the website visitors.

Google Websites

04. Marketing

We’re providing ongoing marketing services for Black 90, including Social Media Marketing, ongoing Website Management and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, ensuring the website continues to rank in Google and generates enquiries.

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Social Media Marketing

We designed all Black 90’s social media pages from the ground up, in line with the new website design and the company’s new branding. This helped to create a consistent online presence for the company, with regular social media activity including backlinks to the website. This has SEO benefits, as well as advertising their services across a variety of platforms.

Targeted Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts helped to spread brand awareness and encouraged Facebook users to like the page and click through to the website. We also set up a Facebook Competition, encouraging users to share to further spread brand awareness and to engage with the local and online community. One lucky winner even received a bottle of champagne!

Mobile Responsive Website

Responsive website design is incredibly important to our web design process, with the majority of Google searches and website traffic coming from mobile devices. Around 60% of all traffic since the website launched has originated from a mobile device, so ensuring all features work flawlessly across a range of devices is always essential to the website design.

All interactive and animated features work across several browsers and mobile devices, including animated sliders, dynamic enquiry forms, tap-to-call phone numbers, and interactive maps. Font sizes dynamically change depending on your device and screen size, images automatically adapt to help improve load speeds, and the navigation menu changes from a fixed menu on the desktop site to a collapsible drop down menu on a smartphone or tablet.