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SME 2018 UK Enterprise Award - Best Digital Marketing Agency - MultiWebMarketing

Web Design, Doncaster

Based in Doncaster, NOW Cosmetic Surgery approached Multi Web Marketing for our complete digital marketing and Web Design solutions. The company provides cosmetic surgery procedures from world-leading surgery teams, packaged in with luxury 5-Star accommodation in Tirana and Istanbul. NOW Cosmetic Surgery was formed with the key objective of never compromising quality for cost, while offering cosmetic procedures abroad at a fraction of the UK price, along with luxury accommodation and aftercare.

To achieve the goals set out, we proposed to design and manage a complete digital marketing strategy, advertising their treatments online. At the core of our strategy was a new Lead Magnet Website design, with the key goal of generating enquiries. Each page is designed to attract relevant search engine traffic, then drive user interaction and enquiries. It's this absolute focus on results that has helped us win the award for Best Digital Marketing Agency 2018.

Google AdWords Management

On top of the website design, Google AdWords management (now known as Google Ads) has been a key factor in the early success of the website, generating a significant amount of website traffic every week. We, along with the NOW Cosmetic Surgery team, are incredibly pleased with the early results of our ad campaigns, with over 80 enquiries being generated within the first few weeks of the website launch. AdWords is an ongoing process, and we perpetually analyse and improve each campaign to continue to generate even more impressive results.

Graphic Design & Print

Leveraging strong brand imagery across all marketing assets such as business cards, is an essential element of branding. Clean, crisp business card designs were created for each of the management team that emboldened the brand strength.

The cosmetics industry commands high end imagery and graphics which reflected in the overall design and feel of two high end eBooks for both male and female services, with printed brochures for use in exhibitions or consultations.

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Keyword Research

01. Research

The project began with competitor and customer research about the procedures NOW Cosmetic Surgery offer. Researching what their potential customers are searching for in Google was key to our initial process.

Keyword Research

02. Design

The company's branding is incredibly clean and professional. This was incorporated into our website design, with a monochromatic colour scheme in line with their established branding.

Targeted Content

03. Website

Each page on the new Lead Magnet Website is designed to drive interaction, enquiries, and create new potential customers, achieved through interactive elements and dynamic contact forms.

Google Websites

04. Marketing

Our work doesn’t stop at website design. We manage all NOW Cosmetic Surgery's Google Ads campaigns, and provide ongoing website management and SEO services to ensure the website runs at peak performance.

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Responsive Web Design

We designed the NOW Cosmetic Surgery website to be fully responsive, optimised for use on a range of mobile devices. Mobile website design is key to our development process and, since launch, almost 90% of traffic to the new website has come from a mobile device. Because of this, we had to ensure the design and features carry over seamlessly, whether you are viewing the website on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Features like “tap-to-call” phone numbers further drive interactivity on the mobile site, encouraging mobile users to get in touch with NOW Cosmetic surgery increasing the number of enquiries from mobile users.

Performance Reports

We have recently taken a new, fully digital approach to our regular Performance Reports for clients. Previously, these would be printed and given to the client every six months. Now, we are taking a much more dynamic approach. We still schedule and submit regular reports for all our clients, but these are now available instantly online, with a much more user-friendly design.

Each client has a unique username and password to access their report online. This can be accessed by a plethora of devices, and is designed in a print-friendly format to be used in any meetings or discussions regarding the performance of your business, your website, and our digital marketing strategies.

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