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Clear Wealth Management, based in Pontefract, provide professional financial advice to local and national clients, helping them make the most out of their personal finances and look after themselves, their families, and their future. The company wanted a new website to promote their financial services online, and came to MultiWebMarketing for our professional Web Design services. We designed and built new Lead Magnet Websites for the company to increase online leads and enquiries.

The project began with research into the financial industry and competitors in the same industry, helping inspire the design and strategy of the new website. Keyword research helped us effectively target the website towards the key services the company offer. This also brings some SEO benefits, allowing Google to index each page so each key service ranks for different, relevant search terms within Google.

As an existing company, Clear Wealth Management’s branding was already well established, complete with a logo. The existing branding inspired the design of the new website, from the colour scheme to the layout of the pages, including the homepage, which was designed to appear friendly and professional.

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Keyword Research

01. Research

Keyword and competitor research was essential to our Search Engine Optimisation and website design process, allowing us to target each page appropriately to generate relevant website traffic.

Keyword Research

02. Design

We redesigned HG Graphics’ existing website with an array of interactive features, all designed to encourage interaction and contact from users, increasing leads, enquiries and sales.

Targeted Content

03. Website

The new Lead Magnet Website is designed to improve the user flow compared to the old website. Tap to call phone numbers, Free Quote buttons and contact buttons encourage users to make contact.

Google Websites

04. SEO

There’s no sense in having a great website without traffic. From our SEO services, HG Graphics now rank on the premium pages of Google for their key services, where the majority of traffic is generated.

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Social Media Management

We provide ongoing Social Media Management services for Clear Wealth Management, building new social media pages designed in line with the newly designed website to create a consistent image for the brand online. This was all designed within existing brand values to create consistent, professional branding across all platforms.

After the pages had been built, we designed and implemented a bespoke social media strategy for the company. All our social media strategies are designed to increase engagement and build an audience of relevant industry contacts and potential customers. Strategic backlinks to the website help increase website traffic and increase the number of online leads and enquiries.

Lead Magnet Website Design

We designed the website as a Lead Magnet Website, with interactive features such as bespoke enquiry forms across every page encouraging users to contact and make enquiries online. We included a Document Upload feature, allowing users to securely upload any relevant documents to the company, as well as a bespoke, multi-page form, allowing Clear Wealth Management to collect specific relevant information from users. We design all our professional websites as Lead Magnet Websites, all built to increase online leads, enquiries and sales to help companies achieve subsequent business growth.

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