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Based in Warwickshire, Fosseway PAT Testing offer PAT testing services to a range of clients in and around their area. The company wanted a new website to increase their online leads, enquiries and sales. The company came to MultiWebMarketing> for our expert Web Design services.

PAT Testing was the only key service the company wanted to target, so they wanted a relatively small website. Because of this, it was important for every page to be a Lead Magnet Page, designed to organically lead the user towards the service page, and contact/enquiry forms. This helped increase the number of quality online enquiries, turning website users into new potential customers for Fosseway PAT Testing.

Since launch, the new website has seen a great amount of traffic, and has generated a significant number of enquiries for the company. The majority of this traffic was generated through our continued Google Ads Management services.

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Keyword Research

01. Research

Industry, keyword and competitor research are all important first steps to our website design and marketing strategies. Our research influenced the design and content of the new website

Keyword Research

02. Design

The design of the website was influenced by the company’s existing branding, incorporating a clean blue and white colour palette throughout. This gave the brand a professional image online.

Targeted Content

03. Website

We built a new Lead Magnet Website, designed to lead the user towards the service page and contact forms. This has helped generate quality leads, enquiries and sales directly from the website.

Google Websites

04. Marketing

Google Ads has been a huge factor in the success of the new Fosseway PAT Testing website. The majority of website traffic has been generated through pay per click advertising.

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AdWords Agency, Warwickshire

The majority of traffic to Fosseway PAT Testing’s new website has been generated through our Google Ads Management services. Previously known as AdWords, Google Ads is a service which allows your website to instantly appear at the top or bottom of the first page of Google for a relevant search. The service works on a pay per click model, where advertisers only pay when users click one of their adverts through to their website.

As a professional AdWords Agency, we specialise in keeping our clients’ click budget low, while keeping clicks through to the website high, maximising their return on investment. For Fosseway PAT Testing, we created professional ads targeted towards the key service the company offers, across several areas local to the company throughout Warwickshire.

Once the user has clicked through to the website, it is important the landing page is built professionally, and is relevant to the advert the user clicked. We create Lead Magnet Web Pages, designed to encourage users to contact, either directly through the website or over the phone. These have helped significantly increase the number of online enquiries Fosseway PAT Testing have received.

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