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GH Heating Installations, based in Doncaster, provide boiler installation, servicing and repairs for their customers. The company came to MultiWebMarketing for our digital marketing and professional Website Design services to establish a presence online and advertise their key services. We designed a new logo for the company, and designed the website in line with the new branding, with a colour scheme centred around the blue and orange of the flame.

The website was designed from the ground up to professionally represent GH Heating Installations, while being user friendly and accessible. Each page is targeted towards a key service the company provide. The navigation bar, used across every page, and the homepage, both contain links to the other service pages, easily guiding users to the relevant pages for the service they are interested in.

We also designed the website as a Lead Magnet Website, with a variety of features to increase new online leads, enquiries and sales. Interactive elements, such as animated modules and links increase engagement within the website. Bespoke contact forms are used throughout each page, encouraging users to contact the company regarding particular services, and tap to call phone numbers allow mobile users to contact GH Heating Installations at the touch of a button.

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Keyword Research

01. Research

All our website design and marketing projects begin with industry, competitor and keyword research, allowing us to put together an effective marketing strategy and target the website appropriately.

Keyword Research

02. Design

We designed the GH Heating Installations logo to reflect their key services – boiler and central heating services. The website was designed around this new branding for a professional look.

Targeted Content

03. Website

Designed from the ground up as a Lead Magnet Website, the new website contains interactive elements and bespoke contact forms to generate new leads, enquiries and sales.

Google Websites

04. Marketing

After the website has launched, ongoing SEO and Website Management services help ensure the website is performing well and generating the results at the rate our clients expect.

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Mobile Reponsive Design

Online mobile traffic is higher now than it ever has been, with the majority of website traffic now generated on mobile devices. Because of this, we’ve adopted a “mobile first” approach to our website designs, ensuring all features of our websites work flawlessly across a range of devices. The navigation menu automatically adapts depending on device, changing to a more thumb-friendly layout for smartphone and tablet users.

Text and images also resize depending on the device they are viewed on, helping to improve the user experience and load times. This is an important factor in Search Engine Optimisation, as Google and other search engines prefer mobile responsive websites with faster load speeds, and will rank these websites higher than competitors for relevant search terms.

eBook Design

We also designed a professional eBook for GH Heating Installations, downloadable directly from their new website. The eBook contains information about all their key services and can be viewed across a range of devices, including desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones – perfect for reading on the go. This gives the company another marketing asset, and is also available in a print-ready format.

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