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Our website design for Bawtry Paintball & Laser Fields has been one of our most creative web design project to date. Based in Yorkshire, Bawtry Paintball & Laser Fields is the largest paintball and outdoor activity centre in the whole of Europe, and have a huge range of outdoor activities on offer.

As their old website was beginning to look dated, the client wanted a completely new website design to reflect the variety of outdoor activities they have on offer, including Paintball, Laser Tag, and even Tomahawk Ace Throwing. The range of activities are suitable for people of all ages, and they host everything from children’s birthday parties to stag do’s and hen parties!

The design of the website had to reflect this, incorporating a fun, handcrafted design, with paint strokes and paper tears throughout the menus and interactive elements of the website. The result was a design which the clients were delighted with, incorporating the colour scheme from their existing branding while taking the website in a creative new direction.

SEO Services

Google have over 85% of the search engine market share in the UK – so appearing favourably in relevant Google searches should be a top priority for any website. Our SEO services generate relevant traffic for the website, subsequently generating more enquiries and bookings for Bawtry Paintball & Laser Fields.

All our websites are designed with Google in mind, ensuring the page loads quickly and works across different devices and browsers. We also target content across each page of the website to appear higher in relevant Google searches, which helps to drive relevant traffic to each dedicated service page.

Our SEO services aren’t just limited to website design. We continually monitor the website to ensure it is performing well within Google, and make any changes needed to optimise its performance.

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Keyword Research

01. Research

All our website design projects begin with industry and competitor research. Researching which search terms are being used for the leisure industry and outdoor activities Bawtry Paintball & Laser Fields offer was critical for strategically targeting the website.

Keyword Research

02. Design

We wanted the website design to stand out from Bawtry Paintball’s existing website, and their competitors’ websites. The handcrafted aesthetic, with paint splats, paper tears and interactive elements combine for a bold, creative design.

Targeted Content

03. Website

With all the creative design elements, we had to ensure the website was easy to navigate from a user’s perspective. Each activity is clearly categorised, and booking forms and contact details appear on every page to encourage enquiries and bookings.

Google Websites

04. Marketing

Our work doesn’t stop at website design! Ongoing website management, SEO services and continued marketing support ensures the Bawtry Paintball & Laser Fields brand is represented at its best across a wide range of platforms.

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Mobile Responsive Design

The new Bawtry Paintball & Laser Fields website, like all websites we develop, includes a mobile responsive design. This was particularly important for this website, as the paper tears, paint splats and interactive elements had to load quickly and work across a range of mobile and desktop devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Ensuring the page loads quickly across a range of devices also helps in our SEO efforts, as Google prefers websites which work and load quickly across a range of devices. Our website designs account for this, with image sizes, text and all graphical elements scaling to work flawlessly and increase load times, no matter which platform or browser the website is viewed on. The navigation menus also change based on the device the website is loaded on, ensuring users across all platforms can easily navigate the website and find the activities or pages they are looking for.

“Tap to call” phone numbers are incorporated into every page of the website, ensuring mobile users can easily phone the client directly, helping to encourage bookings and enquiries directly from the website. Mobile features are a huge focus for our websites and digital marketing strategies, as the majority of internet activity in the UK now happens on a mobile device.

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