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Another Amazing Year for Multi Web Marketing!

It's been another amazing year for MultiWebMarketing and as 2019 draws to an end, we're delighted to share some exciting news with you: our staff promotions!

Adrian, our SEO and Technical Manager has been promoted to Associate Director! He currently manages projects throughout the studio, including running Google Ad campaigns, heading up SEO and web development. His new role will be much more involved in client reviews and less in the management of the studio projects, which gives Adrian more time to focus on client results at a personal level. "I really enjoy working in a fast-paced industry and always pushing the team to learn!"

Kieren, our Graphic & Web Designer has been advanced to Studio Team Leader! His day-to-day duties consist of scheduling work and planning the day for the team, including the new apprentices, and completing an array of graphic design and coding tasks (but he has been known for saving the best for himself!).

Kieren's new role will see him take on a lot more responsibility for ongoing projects and ensuring that they run smoothly from start to finish. "I love working closely with the team, seeing them progress, develop new skills and produce quality work that clients will love. There is nothing better than creating a brand that our clients love, seeing the overall project bloom and resulting in a launch which sees the client boom with enquires! SUCCESS!"

Last, but not least: Lucy, our Videographer will be our new Content Team Leader in 2020! Lucy currently schedules social media for a range of clients and produces and edits high quality videos for their websites and social media channels. Her new role will see her overseeing apprentices, scheduling video or carousel adverts on Facebook and Instagram, overseeing the video advertising schedule and monitoring client performance. "I'm really looking forward to taking on and learning new things through managing a specific team and can't wait to see how my management skills grow."

We're really excited to watch our newly promoted team members excel in their new roles. Congratulations again to Adrian, Kieren and Lucy!

As a multi award winning marketing agency, MultiWebMarketing offer an all-inclusive marketing package, showcasing our design, content writing, videography, website building and social media management skills in one powerful package. If you'd like to learn more about our marketing, web and graphic design services, call us today on 01302 590444 or visit our all-inclusive marketing page

Posted on 20 December 2019