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Email Marketing Services

    What’s Included

  • up to 50,000 emails a month
  • up to 10,000 of our B2B contacts
  • Expert email design and build
  • Mobile friendly email design


  • eMail CRM System
  • GDPR compliant campaigns
  • Trigger email campaign

MultiWebMarketing™ is an experienced marketing agency with clients throughout the UK. Our email marketing services are designed specifically to help clients find new customers or clients, which can be hard work, even with a new website.

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+4 million registered businesses

There are over 4 million registered businesses in the UK. From Architects to Accountants, Plumbers and Electricians, we have their email addresses. With professionally designed emails and management software, they can be exactly targeted.

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Email Design

Professional and graphically led business to business (B2B) email marketing, remains an exceptional way for your business to gain new contacts and enquiries. We offer plans that include new contact data, campaign creation and management coupled with a high level of know-how and targeted designs and communications for both mobile and desktop devices.

With GDPR now entrenched in UK communications, it is essential that you partner with a professional email marketing agency that have the right compliant database management system. We offer all inclusive email marketing plans to suit most business sizes. Naturally we can offer bespoke activity and new contact levels for larger clients wanting +500k emails pa.

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Engaging Email Creative

Ensuring that your email is engaging is hugely important, and is no different to other types of advertising, except they can instantly delete your email. A good creative design, with relevant hooks and offers helps to improve the Return on Investment (ROI) of your campaign. There are huge rights and wrongs with email marketing, such as, which is the best day to email, what is the best time of day to email and knowing how to navigate around spam filters helps improve your email’s open rate. This, in turn, increases the overall Return on Investment.

As a premier email marketing agency, our designers create beautiful email newsletter designs that display your company brand whilst advertising your service or current offer effectively. Change and modernisation in marketing strategies have led to an increase in digital marketing, with emails becoming a key part of your marketing strategy.

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Outsourced Email Marketing

There are many benefits to outsourced email marketing, including how it frees up your time to focus on core business activities while we handle the marketing. Our all-inclusive marketing plans include up to 50,000 emails per month and give you access to up to 10,000 new B2B contacts that will help you generate more enquiries and, eventually, sales.

Furthermore, by working with us, you can benefit from real-time monitoring of your email analytics, including the number of acquisitions and conversions, so that data-led changes can be made to the campaign as and when necessary.

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Our Email Marketing Prices

Take a look at our popular price plans below, if you can’t find what you are looking for, call one of our team on 01302 590 444.

  • Silver

    all inclusive marketing package

    no hidden fees


    Ideal for smaller businesses or campaigns wanting to reach local customers.

    • 10,000 Monthly Emails
    • Up to 5000 New B2B Contacts
    • Professional HTML Email Design
    • HTML Responsive Mobile Friendly Design
    • Proxy/Sub IP Address
    • eMail CRM System
  • Diamond

    all inclusive marketing plan

    no hidden fees


    Ideal for larger businesses or campaigns wanting to reach national customers.

    • 50,000 Monthly Emails
    • Up to 10,000 New B2B Contacts
    • Professional HTML Email Design
    • HTML Responsive Mobile Friendly Design
    • Proxy/Sub IP Address
    • eMail CRM System
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