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Looking Back at Our Associate Director’s Time at Multi Web Marketing

With Adrian's recent promotion to Associate Director fresh in our minds, we thought we'd take the time to talk about his time at MultiWebMarketing in the last 4 years!

4 years ago, Adrian started with MultiWebMarketing as a Junior Part-Time Web Developer with only Paul and Kieren as members of the web development team. Following a three-day trial to prove his skills, he was really thrown in the deep end and soon progressed to full-time as the client base increased. Adrian's second promotion was to SEO and Technical Manager, where his team management skills grew further. This role saw him running GoogleAd campaigns, heading up SEO and handling a variety of web development tasks.

Within the last four years, Adrian has learnt a lot both from direct experience, self-taught progression and from our Managing Director, Paul. Through building a good and honest relationship in the time working together, Paul has imparted a lot of experience and expertise to Adrian from his vast and varied career.

Adrian's skills are so fine-tuned and varied because of the variety of clients we work with and his commitment to learn new skills. He really enjoys the more technical side of web development and SEO and is always pushing his own skill set: "if I don't know how to do something, I will learn how to."

Adrian is often referred to as Paul's "right-hand man", filling an invaluable role in the company. It's Adrian's commitment to widening his skill set that will help him massively in his new role as Associate Director, as it will push him even more.

In the last four years, Adrian has seen a lot of changes in the company: the number of clients we work with has dramatically increased and the team has more than doubled in size. We're excited to see what the future holds for both Adrian and MultiWebMarketing – congratulations, again!

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Posted on 20 January 2020