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Our First Client, A Construction Website

One of the greatest challenges facing businesses is modernisation; moving with the times. MultiWebMarketing's first website design client, Pacy & Wheatley, a Construction company established since 1968. A year in which Britain's first heart transplant was performed, Manchester Utd. became the first English team to win the European Cup, and the M1 motorway was completed. Needless to say, the world has changed a lot in the last 50 years, both socially and commercially.

National construction company Pacy & Wheatley are very much a family business. Based in Doncaster, David Wheatley, founding member of the business, runs it with his two sons, Anthony and Craig. He acted as Managing Director for around 40 years, seeing and managing many changes within the construction industry. David is now chairman of Pacy & Wheatley, and is still actively involved in the business.

Anthony Wheatley started his career with Pacy & Wheatley at an early age, working during his school's Summer holidays. In 1993, after gaining an HND in Building Studies from Trent Polytechnic, Anthony made the move to Pacy & Wheatley as a Contract Coordinator, eventually progressing to Managing Director in 2006.

Craig Wheatley came to the company at the age of 18. Joining the company as a joiner, Craig quickly became interested in all aspects of construction, and later became a site manager. He moved to the company's head office in 2004 and received Directorship in 2005.

But the family aspects of the business don't stop at the Wheatley surname. The father and two sons share a keen interest in several sports; from golf and tennis, to cycling, skiing, and a shared love for sailing.

Pacy & Wheatley are a national construction company, based in three divisions; construction, acoustics and interiors. The fabric of the business, and their overall business model was severely challenged in the wake of the 2008 economic downturn. They came through the recession eager to refocus the business, and re-engage in an aggressive growth strategy. Five years after the recession started, in 2013, Pacy & Wheatley contacted then-named Multi Web Services in order to create an entirely new online marketing solution under the Pacy & Wheatley brand.

"Multi Web Services firstly provided us with a website," Craig explains in his business testimonial to Multi Web Marketing. "We expected new inquiries and, subsequently, business growth." MultiWebMarketing now manage handle over 90% of the business' marketing initiatives.

This started with a brand new website, with all new, consistent branding.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is arguably the most important factor in online marketing. Ensuring that Pacy & Wheatley's new website ranked higher in relevant Google searches than their competitors is at the core of Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO takes time, and is always an ongoing process. New, relevant page content is vital in making sure your website is ranking consistently highly in Google searches, which is why MultiWebMarketing offer ongoing online management for the website and social media platforms.

A great example of this is Pacy & Wheatley's "Live Projects" page. The page is updated frequently, with examples of the types of projects Pacy & Wheatley are involved in, and local information on the area, and the type of build. Each page shows the client, type of build, the location and the project value. The project descriptions on each page offers examples of the variety of projects that Pacy & Wheatley are involved in, and sections entitled "The Challenge" add a touch of personality to the page, demonstrating a level of personal involvement in each individual project. A page like this is a great way to maintain transparency with your customers, as well as making sure the content on your website is always fresh.

Before the involvement of MultiWebMarketing, Pacy & Wheatley's website was receiving one unique visitor every day. We have generated over 13,000 new website visitors for the company. "New business inquiries from our website have exceeded £10,000,000 over that two-year period," says Craig, "and inquiry levels are continuous and now worldwide."

Social Media Marketing

Website and customer engagement is an important factor in helping search engines determine which companies are relevant. Engaging with customers through different social media platforms is a great way to increase your relevant website traffic, ensuring that your website is more relevant and engaging than your competitors.

MultiWebMarketing's social media strategy for Pacy & Wheatley took two distinct routes; local and commercial.

Engaging with the community on a local level keeps the company connected and involved in the local community, allowing the Pacy & Wheatley brand to stand at the forefront of events local to the Doncaster area. Engaging the business commercially allowed Pacy & Wheatley to follow key influencers in their industry, from leading architects, to publications such as Construction Weekly.

The company's blog details fundraisers and events that the Pacy & Wheatley team are involved with – most recently a boat race in Doncaster to raise money for Bluebell Wood Hospice. It also allows for updates from the business, detailing new and upcoming projects the business is involved with.

Twitter allows for much snappier updates; from simple posts advertising the website, to pictures of Pacy & Wheatley projects designed specifically for the Twitter platform, and an emphasis on the family-run nature of the business.

Social media engagement culminates in more relevant website traffic, and helps with how search engines perceive their overall website engagement.

E-book & Brochure Design Consistency is incredibly important in branding, both online and offline. That's why at MultiWebMarketing we offer a variety of products and branding management under one roof. We have been at the forefront of E-Book designs, producing them since 2014. To access Pacy & Wheatley's E-Book, customers register their name and email address, helping the company create a database of potential customers.

The Pacy & Wheatley Group also annually produce a prospectus available digitally and physically to post and email to existing trading partners. The prospectus details previous years' projects, successes and developments, and environmental and social responsibilities and activities of the company. MultiWebMarketing has been able to design and produce the 24-page prospectus, designed alongside their updated online branding.

Consistency in branding across multiple platforms, from online and social media design, to digital and printed booklets, is incredibly important. That's why we offer in-house solutions for your digital and physical marketing needs.

"New business inquiries from our websites have exceeded £10,000,000 over a two-year period," says Craig. "Our business sales have increased substantially and our marketing is significantly more focused."

Posted on 24 October 2017