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Who Are Multi Web Marketing?

A brief glimpse into the team behind MultiWebMarketing, and what it takes to run a digital marketing solutions company.

The first thing I noticed about MultiWebMarketing's offices, as business founder Paul Smith gave me a brief tour, was a clean-cut presentation. Clean, white-painted walls, furnished with blue sofas in the client meeting rooms evoke a modern sense of style. The modern feel of the offices is topped off with each member of staff sitting behind dual-screen iMac computers; the foosball table that the desks are centred around completes the casual, but professional feel of the workspace.

"We'll be using that later," Paul assures me. It wasn't difficult to embarrass myself with a 9-4 loss. My teammate Kieren wasn't best pleased with me after Paul and Adrian's smug remarks.

The professionalism of MultiWebMarketing is balanced by the small team's friendly nature. I had a chance to speak with Paul about the people behind MultiWebMarketing;

He starts by describing Adrian - his affectionately deemed "right-hand man." Adrian has been working with Paul for three years now, and is in charge of the technical aspects of websites they develop. He's also the team's in-house SEO expert. "In-house trained SEO expert", Paul emphatically adds.

Then there's Adam, who also works with Adrian on the coding side of operations. "He's just finished his apprenticeship with us, and is very very good in Photoshop as well."

"There's obviously me," adds Paul. "My specialty is in marketing solutions and strategy, as well as SEO and AdWords, which I sort of take personal responsibility for as well."

Kieren leads the team's graphic design. Kieren started coding when he was just 12 years old, and he's served two apprenticeships with Multi Web Marketing; one on coding, and more recently one on graphic design.

"I think that was a two-year course," says Paul, "Which he managed to complete in 18 months." Kieren's been with the company since he was 16, joining them right at the beginning and growing his talents with the company.

On the social media side of operations, there's Tracey and Jess. "Tracey's the business manager, so she's totally responsible for social media, and client interactions. Updates, if you like. "Then we've got Jess who's recently finished her apprenticeship in social media to level four."

"And then our latest addition, who I'm giving this interview to, is Sam. Who is our so-called professional blog-writer. Blogger."

So those are the people behind the brand. But the question "Who is MultiWebMarketing?" goes further than that. Paul wanted his brand to achieve two things; results, and accountability.

"Multi Web Services came from my determination to get results from the people I employed," says Paul. He's worked with different online businesses before. "I wanted to get results from the people I employed," he repeats, "rather than blame the SEO agency who blame the AdWords agency, who blame the web designer and anybody else involved."

Having the business all under one roof was a priority for the accountability of MultiWebMarketing as well. "I wanted to develop an agency where, if something went wrong, we would put our hand in the air and be honest. We'd take responsibility for it. And, equally, when things go right and we get results for clients, there would be recognition, and a smile on the client's face."

MultiWebMarketing are a four-year old company, who have generated just short of £34 million worth of new online enquiries for their clients, of which £14 million has converted into real money.

"So that's who MultiWebMarketing is," Paul finishes. "We get results."

Posted on 9 October 2017