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Wishing Emma All the Best on Her Australian Adventure

It may be goodbye – but it won't be forever.

This week, we're wishing our fun, friendly, and conscientious Marketing Account Executive Emma Feetham the best of luck as she jets off to Australia to begin a year's sabbatical of travelling – amidst a flurry of quite jealous colleagues.

Emma will land in Melbourne to start her journey, which will then take her north to Cairns before tracing the picturesque East Coast and possibly even venturing onto Thailand.

"We're probably going to wing it if I'm honest and settle somewhere we end up liking," explained Emma, who is off on this trip of a lifetime with her partner Adam.

"We're trying not to make too many plans and just go where the wind takes us.

"We thought about going before when I was in college, but we decided against it. Then, one day, Adam came home after a particularly rough day at work and proposed it again. We realised that we're only 24, with no kids and no heavy commitments, so why not seize this perfect opportunity?"

Once the decision was made, Emma told us she would have to leave, but it was at this stage we decided to offer her a one-year sabbatical so that she could go and fulfil her dreams and come back to her work here with us just as before. This allowed Emma to pursue her dreams without worrying about her job's security, as she's been with the company since her apprenticeship days.

"I've been with the company since starting on the apprenticeship scheme, so it's great that at least one of us has a job to come home to – it gives a bit of peace of mind," said Emma.

"It'll be nice just to have a year off and enjoy the adventure."

Monkey Island in Thailand and a visit to the Great Barrier Reef off the Australian coast of Queensland are high on the young couple's travel wish list.

"We can't wait to get started, and everyone has been so supportive."

While Emma is off on an exciting journey, rest assured it'll be business as usual here at MultiWebMarketing™. While many clients will undoubtedly miss her creative touch, the company is committed to providing the same level of service during her absence and eagerly anticipates her return in 12 months' time.

Emma, from all of us here, we wish you the very best of luck on this incredible adventure. You will be missed, and we can't wait to welcome you back. Bon voyage!

Posted on 5 September 2023